Fully Automated Tank Cleaning, Desludging & Oil Recovery System

Crude Oil Tank Cleaning, Oil Recovery and Sludge Removal

The technology of Automatic Tank Cleaning is based on Crude Oil Washing System; a highly effective way to clean up muddy sludge from the inside of large oil tanks with a turbine system with floating heads, it has improved and adapted to the European requirements and producing countries oils and has expanded the application also in tanks of small dimensions and / or in places difficult to reach positions.

Conventional methods for the remediation of oil tanks require a considerable expenditure of time and human resources. Furthermore they involve a low percentage of recovery of the product, creating an increase in waste with ensuing environmental problems.

Compared with manual and semi-automated methods, the ATC system is an efficient and cost-effective solution offering a wide range of benefits:

  • Non-man entry; operator do not enter the tank.
  • Safe; designed to operate safety in hazardous areas
  • Efficient; offering desludging, tank cleaning and oil recovery in one integrated process
  • Valuable; with close to 100 per cent recovery of saleable hydrocarbons
  • Fast; with a reduction in tank down-time of up to 80 per cent
  • Environmentally-friendly; the process minimizes hydrocarbon emissions and substantially reduces liquids and solid waste
  • Economical; it reduces your overall cleaning costs