Chemical injection packages

Chemical injection packages

Usually the chemicals are dosed in pipes which are flowed by gaseous or liquid media with different pressures and temperatures and/or varying flow rates. Depending on these parameters the amount of chemical to be fed often varies. Our dosing systems are able to respond flexibly to these parameters by recording the process parameters and regulating the volume flow by the plant control.

This requires that a system technology which takes into account both the process conditions in the header as well as the measuring and feeding tasks for the correct volume flow of chemicals. Over that the plant safety and ergonomics are our important aims. Therefore the dosing packages of TBA Thies GmbH usually combine the following modules:

  •   Chemical storage in vessel made of plastic or stainless steel
  •   Pumping technology; if necessary also in redundant execution
  •   Tubing and static mixing tube made of plastic or stainless steel
  •   Measuring and control technology realized at local control panels or at superior process control system

Chemical injection packages for methanol and corrosion inhibitor

Customer: RWE Dea Nile Branch, Egypt

Based on an international tender, TBA Thies GmbH was awarded the contract to build three methanol and 15 corrosion inhibitor injection packages (picture top left and right). The systems are operated in natural gas fields in Egypt.

The methanol injection package (picture below left) are designed to deliver against a line pressure of up to 300 bar with a flow rate of up to 110 l/h. LEWA pumps were used with manual stroke adjustment. The local control panel ensures with the mounted instrumentation a safe operation for hazardous zone 2.

Due to the plant safety without operation control personal the corrosion inhibitor injection packages were equipped with redundant pressure monitoring and a coriolis flow measurement (Image center right) to monitor the process conditions. Since there could be provided no electricity on site to drive the pumps, the natural gas was used to drive the pumps. The natural gas is tapped with a pressure of up to 90 barg behind the HIPPS, so that a pressure reduction is provided with an intermediate step with sun radiation line (picture below right).